A new  way to quickly  establish a 3D homepapercraft business.

How to make and market dozens of products you can sell from $10 to $400 each


Hi I’m Tony

So we devised a unique, fast  and easy way  for a  scrapbooker, stamper or cardmaker to  be able to make dozens of 3D Paper Sculpture products. 

Then we  designed new   patterns for cutting dies
that  you can quickly cut
out, assemble and embellish using your papercrafting imagination and flair. 


We are going to call these  "Mix and Match Multi Project Dies" because that's what
they can do!




Thrembling is the most 

ridiculously easy version
of Paper Sculpture.
The first course workshops shows you in less than a week how to master it

Thrembling gives you so  many choices, looks and ways to create your own distinct product brand including "make it yourself  kit versions"

Thrembling uses your
embellishing skills and imagination to enhance
the 3D “projects” that
you transform  into best-selling products

Thrembling lets you make 3D papercraft products that you can sell for

higher prices than greeting cards, cupcake holders or gift boxes

Thrembling will quickly establish you as a ground breaking leader and influencer in the paper crafting industry

Thrembling products can be photographed and the images printed onto pillows, coffee cups,

t shirts, hats, greeting cards and wedding invitations

Thrembling quickly has you selling product to recoup your set up costs  and then making money faster than any other type of  papercrafting

Thrembling has been created to help you

quickly triple your production and product range so that you can grow your home business

Thrembling removes the  worry of trying to think about what your next product will be 

Thrembling lets you double your range of products instantly when you  start your second workshop course

Are you about to start  up your own home papercraft  business?


Sadly many papercrafters who attempt to do that  close down within the first 12  to 15 months 
for the same  two reasons


The products they made were not selling in large enough quantities or prices in order to keep their business viable and growing

It's exhausting, stressful and 
time consuming trying to think
of new product designs, make
and assemble them then to find
new customers to buy them 

This is how we have worked out how to INSTANTLY remove those two things causing devasting distress  to many home based papercraft business owners 

We know how to persuade
these people to  become

your future niche market customers

Hi I'm Sue


Now we're filming a series of
video workshops showing you how to use the dies and how to apply your embellishing skills to create your  own unique home business  product range


There is only one  type of papercrafting that will let you create 3D products that can be sold for prices between$10 to $400 plus. It's  called Paper Sculpture



Then we selected four  established product categories that attract very large groups of people wanting to buy the same
types of products within each of those  categories.


But Paper Sculpture is considered to be the most
difficult of all papercrafts to master and  takes a very, very  long to time to teach anyone how to do it.



    cutting dies, free video workshops and bonus gifts

     A fast,  easy to learn type of  papercrafting

     that combines your embellishing skills
     with  our "Mix N Match Multi Use"  


Thrembling is a hands on type of  papercrafting whose  products are thoughfully designed to appeal and sell to large groups of people already  looking for them! 

Thrembling will let you make extra money by giving workshops to hobby papercrafters and making up to $1,000 in a day 

Our cutting dies (three in each set) will let you make dozens of products that we will appeal to people that are always looking for them in these nich market categories

We call the dies our "Mix N Match Multi Products" range.


A new, fast and fun way to use  your scrapbooking, cardmaking

stamping and punching techniques and  skills

If you decide to purchase the second set of cutting dies you instantly  double your product range and access to a huge group of Wedding customers




Home Decore 

The more sets of cutting  dies you have
the faster your homes business will grow







The first set of three cutting dies enables you to quickly  recoup the cost of them and your initial home business set up costs.

This is the fastest and less risk free way to start up and establish your home papercraft business