A new  way to quickly  establish a 3D homepapercraft business.

How to make and market dozens of products you can sell from $10 to $400 each

Tony is a highly professional, multi talented, innovative thinker. He has extraordinary hands on skills that create some of the most innovative products I have ever seen. Many of which Creata licensed to use in successful premium promotions. I travel the world and have never met anyone with such an extensive knowledge of what is required to design and place a product into the marketplace. The most effective teachers or mentors are experts in their field and able to motivate others with their passion. This has always been Tony Barber's underlying strength.

If you have the opportunity to become part of a project with Tony Barber I highly recommend that you do so. His profound creativity impresses everyone. When I was VP of Television for Winchester Entertainment in England, Tony solved creative problems in new and fresh ways that we would have never considered without him. He is an imaginative and totally unique person and one of Australia's most creative individuals. A rare combination of astounding hands on design skills and an innate understanding of how to present new crafts product ideas and inventions in appealing and innovative ways. Many people are creative but none so broadly skilled as this talented man.

Tony is an energetic and passionate person. His fields of expertise being paper craft, art, plush and gift toy design and licensing. I have yet to meet anyone who can better his skills. He is the most creative person I have ever met. A joy to work with. Always helpful, honest, frank and  an understanding listener when leading a team in order to achieve a mutually beneficial outcome. His laid back and friendly persona in front of a camera, live audience or trade fair presentations is innovative, entertaining and professional. But above all he impresses everyone he meets with his infectious creative passion for whatever he does.

Chief Executive Officer Of Creata

                 DR WILSON MAIN
Lecturer at School Of Creative Industries

                        TONY GERARD
Business Development Manager Suda by Design